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Funding Services For Homeless Youth In Canada

Homelessness in Canada is dire and responses to the crisis are growing more sophisticated. Communities are beginning to recognize the differences between homeless youth and adults and are reshaping their services to reflect that fact. Many are seeking an end to homelessness, rather than just mitigation of its harm. Some are collecting data and managing […]

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Housing First Social Impact Bond Feasibility Study

Homelessness is a major issue in Canada, affecting 200,000 people every year and costing $7 billion to the economy. The prevalence of mental illness within the homeless population is higher than in the general population: 50% of homeless individuals have some form of mental illness, compared to 20% of Canadians. Homelessness and mental illness often […]

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Blended Financing for Impact

The opportunity for social finance in supportive housing Driven by the work of the Turning the Key report commissioned by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, a number of supportive housing providers in Canada created a Social Finance Working Group in 2012. Their goal was to explore social finance opportunities in the supportive housing sector, […]

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