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Research & perspectives

The MaRS Centre for Impact Investing is a partner and thought leader for public policy makers as they determine how to support the growth of impact investing. We work collaboratively with provincial and federal governments as well as experts from a range of sectors in Canada and abroad to provide advice on the regulatory and policy changes that might best support the market’s growth.

We are Canada’s representative on the Global Steering Group for Social Impact Investing, an international partnership of leading entities sharing the view that private capital can tackle social issues in a meaningful way.

Our aim: to create an environment that supports the growth of impact ventures, moves more money into social causes and provides Canadians with new ways to invest in the issues they really care about.


Free foundations to invest for impact

Outdated rules are limiting the ability of charitable foundations to invest their assets for greatest social good. Some relatively minor tweaks could free up millions of dollars for impact investment.
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Put unclaimed assets to good use

There could be up to $1 billion in forgotten accounts held by Canadian financial institutions. Instead of letting it sit there or remain invested in low-yield bonds we should invest it in ways that make society stronger.
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Update tax policy to support innovation

The business activities of charities and non-profits are tightly controlled by the Income Tax Act and related guidance. Loosening these restrictions would spur innovation and support financial sustainability in the social sector. Learn More


Making the case for impact investing in Canada

The Centre for Impact Investing is recognized internationally for its expertise in impact investing policy and research. In 2014, we led the publication of a ground-breaking report on the potential for impact investing in Canada. Mobilizing Private Capital for Public Good: Priorities for Canada was prepared for the international Social Impact Investment Taskforce, which was launched at a G8 meeting by former British Prime Minister David Cameron. The report built on the previous work of the Canadian Task Force on Social Finance to lay out a clear, prioritized plan for building a thriving impact investment market in Canada.

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If you have questions about our research and policy work, please contact Khilola Zakhidova, Associate, Capital Advisory in Centre for Impact Investing.