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INFRONT and Inside Capital Partners


With its young population and fast-growing economy, South-East Africa has an abundance of opportunities. Inside Capital Partners (Inside), a private equity fund with a team of locals and offices on the ground, is helping realize the region’s economic potential by investing in projects that will create good jobs in socially and environmentally responsible ventures.

The mentorship

Attracting new investors is crucial to achieving Inside’s business objectives. While the firm has expertise in pitching its fund to European investors, which have traditionally been the largest players in Africa, it was looking to also tap the enormous potential of the North American market. The INFRONT mentorship program, which brings together seasoned professionals with venture capital/private equity managers, connected Inside with Murray McCaig, Managing Partner at ArcTern Ventures, a cleantech fund based in Toronto. Over the course of the six-month program, Inside was given access to resources, expertise and contacts from both Murray and the INFRONT management staff. Murray spent three days with Inside partners Jérôme Lagesse and Nassima Sadar at their offices in Port-Louis, Mauritius, together reviewing Inside’s strategy for engaging North American investors.

The outcome

Murray brought a vital North American perspective, helping Jérôme and Nassima map out the landscape of potential investors and identified motivating factors that would encourage them to allocate funds to a region. Murray provided specific suggestions to refocus Inside’s marketing materials to reflect these motivations, emphasizing the social, developmental and environmental benefits of its deal pipeline. Following the mentorship, Inside reconfigured its pitching strategy for North American investors and refined its marketing materials. Murray has continued to support Inside on an informal basis, using his profile and contacts in North America to introduce potential investors to Inside.

About Inside Capital Partners

Inside Capital Partners is an independent private equity manager aiming to invest through equity in strong potential opportunities in selected South-East African countries.

Inside believes that access to high level information, a strong focus on selected geographies and enterprises along with a strong network of operational and business experts, are key to enhancing value creation. For this reason, the Inside team, which is composed of people with strong ties to the region, operates through its offices in Mauritius and Zambia, and from its network of partners in the other selected countries.

Inside also works in close proactive partnerships with entrepreneurs, and leverages on its network of experts, to fast track the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The mentees

Jerome Lagesse is Managing Partner of Inside. Previously, he worked for seven years at Adenia Partners, a private equity firm, and was a management consultant for Accenture in Paris.

Nassima Sadar is a Partner at Inside. She was at VA Services, Singapore, a Euro-Asian mergers and acquisitions firm. Previously, she was with Jaccar Capital Fund and the Appletree Group in Vietnam.

The mentor

Murray McCaig is Managing Partner at ArcTern Ventures, a cleantech fund. Previously, he managed New York–based private equity group RSL Investments and was global head of business development for Upstream SA.