Social Impact Bond Advisory Services: Outcome Payers

Outcome payers can benefit from this model because payment is made when outcomes are achieved, not when service is delivered.

What we offer for outcome payers

  1. Education: What the model is, how it works, and what kinds of programs / organizations it works well for
  2. Outcomes procurement strategy: Advice on how to procure services on the basis of outcomes
  3. Procurement evaluation: Evaluation (and, if necessary provide technical advisory) for organizations that are looking for outcomes-based funding
  4. Outcomes fund design: Guidance on how to establish and manage a fund specifically designed to operate on a pay-for-performance basis
  5. Feasibility analysis: In-depth or conceptual feasibility analysis to test the suitability of an outcome-based financing approach in a specific social issue or for a specific intervention
  6. Cost-benefit/Value for money analysis: Rigorous assessment of the cost of delivering a specific service relative to the associated cost savings; assessment of the value created for the proposed investment
  7. SIB/Partnership design: Detailed design of the model, narrowing the target population, selecting the outcome metric(s), setting the target performance, designing the outcomes-payment schedule, etc.
  8. Capital raising: Source and match investor capital
  9. Deal structuring: Outlining mutually favorable terms for the outcomes contract and intermediating the negotiation process

Sample clients



To learn about how we can help your organization, please contact:

Sarah Doyle, Senior Policy Advisor