Social Impact Bond Advisory Services: Investors

Investors benefit from this model because it provides them with an opportunity to invest with impact in an area important to them.

What we offer for Investors

  1. Education: What the model is, how it works, and what kinds of programs / organizations it works well for
  2. Access: Access to the best quality market information
  3. Due diligence: Risk assessment and due diligence support
  4. Brokering: Bridge the “gap” between charitable program and investment committees and non-profits and investment committees, and between CSR and investment team, and to negotiate partnerships agreements
  5. Coordination: Coordination of investor consortium, enabling impact-first and financial-first investor collaboration and risk-pooling
  6. Deal structuring: Outlining mutually favourable terms for the outcomes contract and intermediating the negotiation process

Sample clients



To learn about how we can help your organization, please contact:

Samer Abughannam, Senior Associate