INFRONT (Impact Investing in Frontier Markets)


Impact Investing in Frontier Markets (INFRONT) is an innovative public-private partnership between Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA)Sarona Asset Management, MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and the Government of Canada to support sustainable development in frontier and emerging markets. Anchored on Sarona’s $150 million fund-of-funds, the project includes a sustainability innovation grant fund and a fund manager mentorship program.

About the program

Led by the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing, the mentorship program matches seasoned North American venture capital or private equity managers as mentors with high-potential private equity fund managers in emerging markets. Fund managers in these markets have a critical role to play in attracting capital to small- and medium-sized enterprises that have a positive social impact. As a result of mentorship, mentee fund managers can enhance their management skills and become more successful in attracting private investment. Mentors have an opportunity to bring their experience and expertise to make a difference and contribute to positive environmental and social impact.

Areas of mentorship

While the overall focus is to enhance the investment readiness of the mentee fund manager, a key benefit is the opportunity of the fund manager to access a mentor’s expert perspective and to understand and align more closely with the needs of the institutional investor in the developed market. While mentors and mentees decide priority focus areas, some common topics include:

  • Developing a strong pipeline of deals
  • Deal structuring and valuations
  • Overcoming lack of track record
  • Investment pitch material and presentations
  • Completing LP due diligence requirements
  • Optimizing opportunities with institutional investors

What is the mentorship commitment?

Mentors and mentees commit to a four- to six-month mentoring relationship across three phases

Needs assessment Online Prioritize areas of mentoring; develop plan for mentor’s in-country visit
Country visit
Mentoring around mutually identified focus areas
Follow up
Follow up on mentor’s in-country visit

Who are the current mentors?

Click here to view INFRONT’s mentor roster.


Melwyn Dcosta
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