Application for Community Finance Solutions


We are excited to support the development of new funds and financial products in communities all across Canada. These funds pool and place capital to create social and environmental impact.

These are the kinds of projects we support:

  • Creation of an investment fund focusing on First Nations communities, affordable housing, sustainable food and water, or renewable energy;
  • Development of a community loan fund for local businesses;
  • Creation of a blended philanthropic and investment fund to finance projects with a social mission;
  • Issuance of a community bond to finance an infrastructure project
  • A variety of other impact investing funds and products that meet our established criteria

We work with high-potential projects that are beyond the ideation stage. We look for the following kinds of initiatives:

  • Strong leader or team with the skills to implement.
  • Addressing a pressing social or environmental need with a problem statement that focuses on causes not symptoms.
  • Solid understanding of the solution and a cogent theory of change.
  • Understanding of why social finance is needed.
  • Credible business model.
  • Potential for significant, scalable change. The solution may be local, but has components that can be leveraged by others.
  • Embedded in an ecosystem with at least some early support.
  • May be a non-profit, for-profit, co-operative, or hybrid structure.

If this sounds like your next project, please email Katie Gibson at for an application form. The application deadline is Tuesday, September 30, 2014.

We will confirm receipt of your application within one week. If you do not receive a confirmation or if you have any questions, please email Katie Gibson at