Starting point: Impact investing for foundations

What is mission-related investing (MRI)?

“Mission-related investing is a process whereby foundations directly invest some of their assets in community, social or environmental enterprises consistent with their mission. The investments may be program-related investments that anticipate a below-market rate of return, or market-rate investments in mission-related enterprises. They include examples like social housing development and community.”

– Hunter W.L., Manwaring S, and Mason, M. (2010, November). Mission-Related Investing for Foundations: The Legal Considerations. Community Foundations of Canada and Philanthropic Foundations for Canada.

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What are some examples of board policies that support MRI?

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How can I find an impact investing advisor in Canada?

Financial advisors are now recognizing the opportunity to support mission-related investing in Canada. Please use the Sector Map to search. Another resource you may find helpful is the Social Investment Organization.