Track Record: Lessons From IFC Corporate Governance Experience

IFC supports the sustainable development of markets that work for all members of society. Building on IFC’s environmental and social performance standards, we promote sustainable business practices among firms across a full range of industry and services sectors.
As part of this overarching commitment to developing sustainable businesses in emerging economies, IFC provides advice to companies, banks, governments, and relevant institutions on how to strengthen corporate governance practices so that businesses can attract capital, improve their performance, and better weather financial crises.
This publication highlights the lessons learned through IFC’s years of corporate governance work. It is an impressive compilation, written by staff for SmartLessons, the IFC/World Bank program that enables development practitioners to share their knowledge in advisory services and investment and financial operations.
Through the prism of their own experience, positive and negative, the authors capture practical lessons on the challenges faced in designing and implementing projects to bolster the corporate governance practices of businesses in emerging markets. These lessons provide first-hand, straightforward, and useful analysis that can help guide future efforts, enhancing project design, strengthening implementation, improving results, and deepening the impact of this important work.







International Finance Corporation


June 1, 2011

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Public Policy, Responsible Investing