Together: Respecting Our Future

This discussion paper has been created by the British Columbia Advisory Council for Social Entrepreneurship to stimulate conversations and invite contributions on how to collectively address the complex social challenges we face today, and will face in the future. It argues that status quo responses to complex social issues are neither sustainable nor responsible and that transformative change is necessary, but also recognize that there are no simple solutions. The aim of the discussion paper is to collectively chart out a new course of action for British Columbia that sparks action now, while providing some direction for others to build on in the longer term. There is great promise in the fields of social innovation, social enterprise and social entrepreneurship, and the authors see social innovation as a means to achieve better results, more effective solutions and to lower the human and financial costs of social problems.





BC Advisory Council on Social Entrepreneurship


Kine Nordstokka


November 1, 2011

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Social Entrepreneurship