Social Entrepreneurship in Pakistan: Unlocking innovation through enterprise incubation

An analysis of the role of incubators in the business education sector in Pakistan.

This report highlights the fact that the over the next decade emerging markets will add more to global growth as compared to all developed countries combined and that there is a need to re-engaged entrepreneurs in the developing world. The report focuses on Pakistan and details how there are a number of micro-enterprises in Pakistan that act as a pipeline for both policymakers and investors.

It also emphasizes the impact that the flourishing micro-finance sector has had at enabled more efficient funding to such small bottom of the pyramid enterprises. This report aims to examine how both public and private sectors in Pakistan can maximize the opportunities in the nascent social enterprise sector in Pakistan, by harnessing the skills of young social entrepreneurs and investing in incubator hubs to further projects that achieve both financial and social returns.






Economic and Strategy Consulting


London, United Kingdom


Priya Shah, Shailabh Shubhisham


February 1, 2013

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Social Entrepreneurship