Grow Your Own How Local Authorities Can Support Social Enterprise

Social enterprises have a particularly important role to play in helping to build the big Society, through the development of innovative and locally focused public services that meet the needs of the community and, in partnership with their local authority, help to grow a sustainable and dynamic economy.

This research demonstrates a growing recognition by local authorities of the value of their local social enterprises. It shows that there is already a significant amount of good practice across the country and also that there is a strong desire on behalf of many local authorities to improve their understanding of, and relationship with, the sector.

This is a particularly timely report. Through the Government’s open Services White Paper, we intend to create an environment that provides significant new opportunities for alternative models of service delivery. I expect social enterprises to be at the forefront of demonstrating new community-led ideas, innovations and solutions, and it will be important for local authorities to be sufficiently nimble to work with their local entrepreneurs to deliver the services that local communities want and need.





The Young Foundation


Sophie Hostick-Boakye and Mandeep Hothi


November 1, 2011

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Social Entrepreneurship