Greening Financial Institutions

The world has recently experienced the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s. There is a wide consensus among the financial sector experts, economists, and other stakeholders that financial institutions need to embrace all the three dimensions of sustainability (environmental, social and economical) to address the challenges they face today. A growing number of stakeholders firmly believe that the very survival of financial institutions now depends on their ability to embed sustainability in their core business strategy.
Some of the financial industry players are already successfully turning the current challenges arising in the wake of deepening economic, financial and environmental crisis into opportunities. They are positioning themselves as institutions ready to meet the requirements of next economy – the sustainable economy. And as the transformation to sustainable economy gains momentum, the greening of financial institutions across the globe is now inevitable.





Karlsruhe, Germany


The World Federation of Development Financing Institutions


September 8, 2011

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