Evaluating Success: Toolkit for Measuring Nonprofit Center Impacts

The power to change the world lies in the ability of people to come together, share ideas, and work to make their visions real. Too often, activists and community organizations do not have the workspace or support services they need to meet their mission, grow their community, or build a larger movement. Volatile real estate markets and limited budgets make it difficult for nonprofits to maintain quality, affordable workspace and retain professional staff.

Across North America and around the globe, community, philanthropic, government, and private sector leaders have found an effective and creative way to solve these problems. By bringing together nonprofit organizations in the same facility, sometimes even with public or commercial partners, nonprofit centers provide stable, affordable workspace that fosters strategic collaborations and efficient operations and promotes healthy, vibrant communities.

While nonprofit centers offer significant benefits to their tenants and the broader community, the full story of their impacts has not yet been effectively and systematically reported. This toolkit is designed to help nonprofit center leaders measure their economic, environmental, and social impacts on the local communities where they are located. Identifying the benefits of a specific nonprofit center can help build support for its ongoing work and amplify positive impacts.



The NonprofitCenters Network


Beth Siegel, Karl Seidman, Roxanne Hanson


January 1, 2011

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Impact Measurement