Education and Training On Responsible Investing for Canadian Foundations and Endowment

Responsible Investing (RI) now accounts for roughly 20% of the Canadian investment market. with more than $609 billion now invested, RI is an increasingly important approach to investing and one in which foundations and endowments are increasingly interested. RI, also referred to as socially responsible investing and mission-based or mission-related investing, is an investment process by which foundations and endowments can align the investment of their assets with their mission and have greater impact on the issues that matter to their organization, with the potential to generate long-term improved financial returns.

The Social Investment organization (SIo), with funding from Environment Canada, commissioned this research to:

1. Identify the key RI education and training resources for trustees and staff of Canadian foundations and endowments;

2. Identify and analyze gaps in RI education and training, and

3. Recommend steps to help the foundation and endowment sector move forward on RI.





The Social Investment Organization


Betsy Martin, Coro Strandberg


September 1, 2009

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Responsible Investing