Creating wealth, reducing poverty, and building a better world: Canadian Co-operatives in international development

There is no single, simple way to eradicate poverty and create wealth.

some of the initiatives should emerge from an examination of the international financial and trade system. some must come from policy initiatives by governments at all levels. some ultimately must come from local communities and individuals, from the poor villages and urban slums that are abundantly obvious throughout the world, but particularly in

less developed countries. in the wake of the financial turmoil that struck the global economy in 2008, the time is right to rediscover one of the best kept secrets of the economic world that addresses some of the underlying issues of poverty in developing countries: the strength of the co-operative approach.

the essence of the co-operative approach is disarmingly simple: maximize the capacity of local groups and communities to control their own
destiny through business enterprises they own and operate in a democratic manner. this approach, when encouraged and enabled to flourish, can be remarkably successful, simultaneously creating economic wealth while sustaining cultural vitality, fostering democratic practices, and reducing poverty.





Développement International Desjardins, Société de Coopération pour le Développement International, and the Canadian Co-operative Association


September 1, 2012

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