Compounding Impact: Mission Investing By US Foundations

This 54-page report, published by FSG Social Impact Advisors, was the first comprehensive look at mission investing by U.S. foundations when published in 2007. Funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Compounding Impact provides an introduction to mission investment (MI) and reports on MI trends based on results of a survey of 92 U.S. foundations.

Delving into the social purposes of MI, the report says that “foundations have tended to concentrate their mission investments in four issue areas: Economic Development, Education, Housing and the Environment.”

Also studied was how foundations manage and assess risk for their MI portfolio, and the authors suggest three key changes needed in order to further grow the size and scope of MI: “(1) Greater understanding and proficiency in MI among foundation staff and boards; (2) A more robust marketplace for mission investments, including direct investment opportunities, mission investment intermediaries, and suitably qualified consultants; and (3) Improved mission investment performance measurement, record-keeping, and information sharing.”





FSG Social Impact Advisors


Sarah Cooch, Mark Kramer


March 1, 2007

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Mission-Related Investing