Community Investing: Opportunities Across Asset Classes

Community Investing –– strategies that focus on economically disadvantaged communities and individuals –– is receiving an increasing amount of attention within the Responsible Investing area. The expansion of market-rate opportunities and offerings across asset classes provides numerous ways for investors to begin or increase the Responsible Investing component of their portfolios and do so in a way that can have a direct and tangible impact. This paper discusses the various approaches to Community Investing and offers a framework for interested parties to consider an allocation. Responsible Investing is not a ““one size fits all”” approach. For investors who have an interest in Community Investing, there are various options depending on specific objectives and risk and return considerations. EAI is committed to identifying the most appropriate investment opportunities, performing the required due diligence, and recommending managers with the greatest potential to meet specific client objectives.





Evaluation Associates LLC


Janet Kalwat


October 1, 2009

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Responsible Investing