SEED Winnipeg Inc.

Impact Areas:

Low-income families in Winnipeg




Funding Amount:

< $5k

Geographic Area:

Winnipeg, Manitoba


To reduce poverty and assist in the renewal of primarily inner city communities by providing capacity building services that assist low-income individuals, groups, organizations and economically distressed neighborhoods to improve their social and economic vitality.

Program Objective:

Education, home financing, business development for individuals

Investment Type:


Key Features:

* Building Block - The CLB gives a family up to $2,000 for children born in 2004 or later by opening an RESP; SEED provides information and assistance to partaking in the program * Individual Development Account - provides support for low-income individuals and families to save toward buying or renovating a home, toward their education, their children’s education, or their spouse’s education, toward starting or expanding a small business, or toward disability supports. * Saving Circle - helps low-income individuals and families to save for needed assets including furniture, medical expenses, a computer, education, a small business, or other household necessities. Building Blocks: $500 Individual Development Account: Savings are matched 3:1 by Seed Saving Circle: Savings are matched 3:1 by Seed

Client Group:

Low-income individuals, families