Fondaction de la CSN

Impact Areas:

Workers in the Quebec economy.




Funding Amount:


Geographic Area:



Fondaction was established in 1996. It is the Development Fund of the CSN. The fund comes from the collection of retirement savings from workers. The fundamental mission is to retain and create jobs through investments in the Quebec economy.


Program Objective:

Stimulate the Quebec economy.

Investment Type:

Loans, Deposits, Other financing products

Key Features:

SAVING FOR RETIREMENT Fondaction is the labor fund of the CSN. The Fund comes from the collection of retirement savings among Workers. These benefit from tax credits totaling 40% of their annual investment of up to $ 2,000, or an investment of $ 5000. In addition to these loans, they can take advantage of tax cuts for RRSP contributions. The retirement savings Fondaction is inexpensive and provides more tax benefits . In addition, Fondaction is available by payroll deduction in over 1800 workplaces, making the retirement savings more accessible to workers and workers.

Client Group:

Local businesses