Ecotrust Canada

Impact Areas:

Ecotrust, has provided over $12 million through its lending program since 2009. Local economic development through environment and conservation initiatives.



Funding Amount:

$10k - $25k, $5k - $10k

Geographic Area:

British Columbia, coastal communities


Ecotrust Canada is an enterprising nonprofit whose purpose is to build the conservation economy in coastal BC and beyond.

Funding amount: $5,000 – $25,000


Program Objective:

Building the conservation economy in the forestry, fisheries and energy sectors.

Investment Type:

Loans, Direct investment

Key Features:

Launched Climate Smart program in 2009 to help small and medium sized businesses reduce carbon footprint

Client Group:

Organizations: Small and medium-sized businesses that have environmental missions, want to become green companies, or are in the fisheries, forestry and energy sectors.