Community Forward Fund

Impact Areas:

Charitable and nonprofit sector




Funding Amount:

$100k - $1Million, $10k - $25k, $25k - $50k, $50k - $100k

Geographic Area:



The Community Forward Fund makes loans or arranges financing for Canadian nonprofits and charitable organizations. Its structure has been designed to address a gap in access to patient, working capital and bridge loans for the sector for small and medium sized organizations. An important part of CFF?s role will also be to provide financial coaching and review services, assessment tools and to help build financial skill capacity for sector organizations.

Funding amount: $20,000 – $250,000

Program Objective:

To advance sustainable charitable and nonprofit sector by providing access to loans and financial coaching, tools organizations need to help them assess their current financial picture and implement for their future.

Investment Type:


Key Features:

Providing loans to charitable organizations and non-profits for purposes unrelated to their central mission, such as investments with new corporate sponsors or creating a new line of business to provide revenue stream

Client Group:

Organizations, Social Enterprises