Circle of Habondia Lending Society

Impact Areas:

Women and families



Funding Amount:

< $5k

Geographic Area:

British Columbia: Slocan Valley, Nelson, and Castlegar


The Circle of Habondia Lending Society is a circle of women with a community vision dedicated to the financial empowerment of families in the West Kootenay area.

Funding amount: up to $1,000

Program Objective:

Investment Type:


Key Features:

Cornucopia Savings Program creates financial safety for you and your family by growing a high-interest savings account. By pooling savings, members can access higher interest paying savings plans. The premise of the Cornucopia Savings Program is that if we can pay back loans, then we can pay the same monthly amount into our own Savings Account. Micro - Loans: Women of the Slocan Valley/Nelson/Castlegar area can borrow up to $1000 on the basis of need, character and ability to pay it back. We offer loans to women for whatever they need it for. Whether it is a washing machine, car or roof repairs, travel or training money. Help with a business idea, or creative endeavor. We may be able to help. Loans are paid back in monthly installments over an agreed upon time, at low interest rates and with a 5% administration fee. The Board of directors reserves the right to approve or refuse loans. Contact us for an application form. Community Investment Invest your money in women of the community. You can lend to Habondia's loan guarantee fund for an agreed upon time in a term deposit earning you interest. Enjoy knowing that your money is working in your local community in a socially responsible fund, creating wealth and safety for all. Kootenay Savings Credit Union is the financial institution at which all savings and investment accounts are held in the name of the depositor or investor. Circle of Habondia Lending Society has a mandate to serve women, particularly with regards to the savings and loans programs. However, men may become investing members, in support of sisters, mothers and partners. Organizations and businesses may also be investors in Habondia. Contact us to learn more about how your investment supports women.

Client Group: