Caisse d’economie solidarie

Impact Areas:

Social economy in Quebec


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The Caisse Solidaire is the main financial institution specialzing in the social economy and socially responsible investment (SRI) in Quebec.  It supports more than 2,8000 cooperative, non-profit- organizations (NPOs), trade unions and private companies engaged socially.

Program Objective:

Social finance tools Over the years, the Caisse has developed tools to complement its original financial action: for example, the support fund for collective action solidarity, solidarity Savings, the Accorderie, programs in residential as well as specialized support for collective enterprises and private enterprises socially engaged. It provides Quebecers careful management and socially responsible for their personal finances . It offers them a path of socially responsible finance that promotes information, support, advice and action. It gives them pride to realize their projects in terms of personal savings or credit by building a different finance and economy.

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Key Features:

Financing for cooperatives and not-for-profits, housing programs, social investment performance

Client Group:

Individuals, Organizations